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empowering you to live the life you deserve

Medical Expertise

Founder of Pure Soul Guidance Kate is a qualified Medical Scientist with over 14 years of experience in Medical Research, Neurology & Trauma.

With a deep understanding of the connection between our experiences & wellbeing, Kate dedicated 10 years to scientifically researching this relationship.

Understanding that our mind and physical wellbeing are intrinsically linked, Kate offers guidance and treatment to realign this powerful connection.

Specialising in trauma release, Kate offers dedicated packages to assist you in your healing journey.

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Spiritual Experience

With over 20 years of experience in diverse spiritual spaces and practices, Kate has cultivated a comprehensive Universal Understanding of spirituality and the essence of being human.

With this profound knowledge, Kate empowers you as a complete Energetic Being, offering a range of services from spiritual development to transformative energetic treatments.

Embrace the opportunity to explore your inner self and unlock your true potential under Kate's holistic guidance.

Energetic Knowledge

Kate, is a highly trained Usui Reiki Master, Meditation Coach, and Energetics Specialist.

With a diverse background in studying ancient practices worldwide and receiving Universal Guidance through deep meditative practice, Kate possesses a unique understanding of energetic dynamics.

Join us on a transformative journey as we harness the power of ancient wisdom and modern techniques to guide you towards holistic healing and spiritual growth.

Complex Trauma Coaching

Supporting your path to freedom

For those who have encountered complex or multifaceted trauma, additional assistance can be valuable in comprehending the intricate nature of these experiences and their widespread impact on various aspects of our lives.

Throughout these sessions we will:

  • Identify where you are in your healing journey and formulate a plan towards leaving the trauma behind
  • Pinpoint the beliefs your experiences left you with, allowing us to begin to reprogram them
  • Gain the tools and insights to reset the nervous system and keep it in a state of regulation
  • Receive the space and support to explore emotions, feelings, relationships, and life circumstances, to evaluate these with compassion and guidance
  • Receive advice and guidance on how to install new mechanisms, strategies, and ways of living to bring peace to your day-to-day
  • Enable you to take a holistic overview of your life and begin to move towards the future you see for yourself, leaving behind everything that no longer serves or nourishes you.

1 hour session £70

5 x 1 hour session £325

In our private 1:1 sessions, the focus lies in prioritizing your current challenges and devising a gradual plan to guide you towards a state of regulation, peace, and bodily safety. Experience the following benefits:

  1. Gain insights into the traumas you've encountered and organize them into a manageable list of priorities,
  2. Engage in a supportive environment where you can freely articulate your feelings, thoughts, and emotions.
  3. Receive tailor-made strategies and guidance targeting specific thought patterns and difficulties you may be grappling with, fostering a more individualized approach to your healing journey.
  4. Establish both short and long-term goals, creating a purposeful trajectory for navigating through this period of your life.
  5. Benefit from practical and logical advice across various domains, including nervous system regulation, health recommendations, and the cultivation of healthy strategies. This holistic approach aims to address multiple facets of your well-being.

Energetic Trauma Release Therapy

Complete Energetic trauma clearing

We all carry past traumas that impact our daily lives and overall well-being. While medical interventions address immediate pain, it's crucial to address the root cause of trauma and work directly with our inner child or past-self to release the energetics, beliefs, behaviours, and coping mechanisms that the trauma left you with.

In this private 1:1 session, you will be guided through a meditative journey of realignment, healing and releasing of energetic imprints created by trauma. There is no need to experience the trauma in any way, nor do you need to even talk during the treatment. is is entirely guided by Kate and experienced inwardly by you.

Embark on this transformative Energetic Trauma Release session and unlock the path to a life free from past trauma. Reclaim your inner power, embrace joy, and live authentically. Schedule your private session today and embark on a journey of profound healing and self-discovery.

During this session, you'll benefit from the following:

  1. Understanding: Discussion to identify the specific area for energetic removal.
  2. Realignment: Using Reiki, you will be guided through a full body scan and energetic realignment. Identifying the area of the body that the trauma has been held.
  3. Reconnection: Establish a profound connection with your inner child, providing a safe and nurturing space for healing and energetic integration.
  4. Release: Psychic Surgery will be intuitively used to assist you in the energetic trauma release, and enable removal of energies held within your body.
  5. Restoration: You will be guided on how to nurture and support your inner child, to restore emotional balance and resilience.
  6. Support: Following the treatment, we will discuss your individual experience to understand the shift that has taken place. you will be given advice on what to expect in the following days and given practical tools for the future.

Trauma Packages

Start your healing journey now

Due to the nature of the healing journey & life coaching in general, many of my clients require services over an extended period of time. This will be discussed during your consultation call and recommendations will be given on your specific circumstances.

For those clients, packages are the most financially beneficial over the time we are working together.

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Pure Soul


They are a wonderful way to make a self-investment in your healing, creating a support system for yourself and expanding ways to provide self-care.

To book one of these packages now, email

Trauma healing Engage Package

£500 (Normally £525)

  • 5 x 1 hour Complex Trauma Coaching Sessions
  • 1 x 2 hour Trauma Release Session

Recommended for month 1 - To begin your healing journey and to help with immediate pressure release

Trauma healing Intensive Package

£1,300 (Normally £1,400)

  • 15 x 1 hour Complex Trauma Coaching Sessions
  • 2 x 2 hour Trauma Release Session

Recommended for 3 months - For those wanting to address their trauma on a deeper level

Trauma healing freedom Package

£2,500 (Normally £2,625)

  • 25 x 1 hour Complex Trauma Coaching Sessions
  • 5 x 1 hour Holistic Career / Manifestation / Life Purpose Coaching
  • 3 x 2 hour Trauma Release Session

Recommended for 6 months - Complete package for trauma release, taking a holistic view of your life as a whole, and the future you want to create for yourself

Neurodiversity Life Coaching

Empowering neurodiversity

Meet Kate, a neurodiversity coach who proudly identifies as Autistic. With extensive experience as a neurodiversity guide, Kate brings a unique perspective to her coaching approach.

Neuro-diverse individuals perceive the world through a distinct lens, fostering a profound connection to their surroundings. Their inquiries delve into the depths of intelligence, requiring answers from someone who comprehends their unique thought processes and possesses the ability to offer clear and rational guidance.

In her coaching practice, Kate has successfully assisted numerous neuro-diverse individuals in navigating their daily lives.

Whether addressing specific goals or refining thought processes, Kate focuses on providing tailored guidance, emphasizing the importance of setting achievable goals and establishing a structured path to help individuals realize their aspirations.

1 hour session £70

5 x 1 hour session £325

In our private and confidential 1:1 sessions, the primary focus is on understanding your distinctive thought processes to guide you towards a more tranquil and organized lifestyle. Benefit from:

  1. Understanding your unique differences and navigating the challenges you may encounter.
  2. A supportive and empathetic space where you can freely express your feelings, thoughts, and emotions. The goal is to offer a clearer perspective and illuminate a path forward.
  3. Receiving personalized strategies and guidance tailored to address any differences and difficulties you might be facing.
  4. Establishing short and long-term goals to chart a purposeful course through this period.
  5. Receiving practical and logical advice on a spectrum of aspects, including social dynamics, emotional well-being, sensory experiences, relationships, and everyday challenges.

Higher Purpose Coaching

Identifying your Souls' calling

Are you yearning for a deeper sense of purpose in life? Pure Soul Guidance can completely empathise with the frustration that comes from feeling unsatisfied and unsure of your destined path. We've been there too!

Introducing Dedicated Higher Purpose Coaching, precisely tailored to your needs.

These transformative sessions focus on discovering your unique Higher Purpose, illuminating how it aligns with your life, and creating a practical roadmap for living your highest potential.

Schedule your private 1:1 session today and step into the extraordinary path of your Higher Purpose.

Together, let's create a life that resonates with your soul's deepest calling.

1 hour session £70

5 x 1 hour session £325

During this private 1:1 session, we will guide you through:

  1. Guided Meditation: Explore within to uncover your Higher Purpose, tapping into your inner wisdom and intuition.
  2. Higher Self Connection: Seek guidance from your Higher Self to gain insights on implementing your purpose in daily life.
  3. Manifestation Techniques: Receive coaching on powerful manifestation techniques to attract opportunities that align with your desired life.
  4. Career/Life/Spiritual Coaching: Proactively make transformative changes that align with your Higher Purpose across all areas of your life.

Spiritual Development Coaching

spiritual development exploration

Unlock the full potential of your spiritual and psychic abilities through transformative coaching with Pure Soul Guidance.

Whether you're drawn to Mediumship, Higher-Self Connection, Guide Identification, Past-Life Regression, Channelling, or Astral Travel, our dedicated sessions provide a safe and nurturing environment for your development.

Embrace the opportunity to unleash your spiritual potential and create a meaningful connection with the Universe. Let Pure Soul Guidance support you in developing and honing your spiritual and psychic skills. Schedule your private 1:1 session today and step into a world of profound spiritual growth and self-discovery.

1 hour session £70

5 x 1 hour session £325

In these private 1:1 sessions, we focus on your unique spiritual goals, tailoring the coaching to your specific skills and experiences. Benefit from:

  1. Skill Identification: Discover and understand your spiritual aptitudes.
  2. Skill Development: Receive personalized coaching to enhance your abilities at beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels.
  3. Principles and Understandings: Dive deep into the principles and foundations underlying your chosen skills.
  4. Business Guidance: Gain insights and guidance on how to transform your skills into a successful business if desired

Manifestation Coaching

What does your dream life look like?

Unlock the true meaning of manifestation with Pure Soul Guidance. Gain invaluable insights and first-hand experience in identifying and calling in life-changing manifestations.

True manifestation encompasses a profound understanding of karmic lessons, working through core belief systems from past and present lives, transforming related behaviours, and embodying your future self in the present moment.

Whether you're new to manifestation or have tried before without desired results, our Manifestation Coaching is here to help you bring forth the life you truly deserve.

Empower yourself to become a master of manifestation and create the life you've always dreamed of. Schedule your private 1:1 session today and embark on a transformative journey of manifestation and self-discovery with Pure Soul Guidance.

1 hour session £70

5 x 1 hour session £325

In these private 1:1 sessions, we focus on:

  1. Introduction to Manifestation: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how manifestation truly works and its deeper meaning.
  2. Past Life and Karmic Energy Consultation: Explore past life experiences and karmic energies to uncover any underlying blocks or patterns.
  3. Core Belief and Behaviour Identification: Identify and address core beliefs and behaviours that may be limiting your manifestation potential.
  4. Energetic Release Treatment: If needed, experience a powerful energetic release to clear any energetic obstacles.
  5. Consulting Your Future Self: Connect with your future self from your highest timeline to receive guidance and clarity.
  6. Manifestation Planning and Technique Guidance: Develop a tailored manifestation plan and receive guidance on effective manifestation techniques.

Holistic Career Coaching

intuitive holistic career guidance

Unleash the potential of your career by understanding and transforming your beliefs, behaviours, and energetic patterns.

Pure Soul Guidance specializes in clearing limiting energetic beliefs related to careers and opportunities. In just weeks, we've empowered clients to make significant leaps in their careers that would have otherwise taken years. By shifting energetics and working on belief systems, we open up a world of opportunity.

If you're ready to unlock a realm of possibilities, our coaching sessions are tailored for you!

Open yourself up to a world of career abundance and fulfilment. Schedule your private 1:1 session today and embark on a transformative career journey with Pure Soul Guidance.

1 hour session £70

5 x 1 hour session £325

In these private 1:1 sessions, we focus on:

  1. Consultation on Current Career Aspirations and Historical Patterns: Gain insights into your career goals and uncover any recurring patterns.
  2. Career Belief, Behaviour, and Energetic Identification: Address self-limiting beliefs, behaviours, and energetic imprints that no longer serve your career growth.
  3. Removal of Energetics: Clear away energetic blocks and obstacles that hinder your progress and limit your career potential.
  4. Identification of Career Goals, Pathways, and Callings: Discover your true passions and purpose, aligning them with a clear vision for your career.
  5. Manifestation Technique Establishment: Learn and implement effective manifestation techniques to attract career opportunities and abundance.
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Pure Soul


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